Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Quilt Show Celebration

I became a member of the Calico Quilt Guild about 13 years ago and I have learned so much over those years from some amazing women.

Dusty Majors founded the Calico Quilt Guild in 1986 and this past April, we celebrated our 30th birthday.

Every other year, the Calico Quilters puts on a quilt show over Memorial Day weekend during a local event called Mule Days here in good ole Bishop, California.

If you happen to be in town, or just passing through, that weekend, please stop by. The show will be at the Methodist Church on Fowler Street, Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm.

We will have:

  • Quilts on display
  • Two different challenge blocks made by guild members
    • The first challenge is to see if you can guess the title of a song by what is depicted on a quilt block.
    • The second challenge will show how guild members celebrate Inyo County or our favorite aspects of our home, which is celebrating 150 years this year.
  • A mini raffle
  • A marketplace where you can purchase handmade goodies
  • Demonstrations on various quilting techniques
  • Live music provided by one of our guild members
  • Homemade cookies
  • Coffee, iced tea and lemonade

We also have two opportunity quilts that you can purchase tickets for and one of them will be raffled off to one lucky winner at the show (you do not need to be present to win and we will ship a quilt if you live out of the area). All of the proceeds go to local scholarships that we give out to graduating Bishop Union High School seniors.

We also make quilts for wounded soldiers and we will be displaying some of the quilts that will be sent off after the quilt show.

Quilts of Valor from the 2014 Quilt Show.

Also on display are stockings that we make for the babies born at Northern Inyo Hospital between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Each stocking is large enough to fit a baby inside and they get to travel home in holiday style. In 2015, we had 42 babies born during that time!! The most in our 30 year history.

Here are some of the photos from our 2014 Quilt Show:


2015 Opportunity Quilt

Mini Raffle

2014 Challenge

2014 Challenge Winner

This quilt shows all of the various things the Guild does.

This quilt is made from the first blocks ever made by the Calico Quilters in 1986. Each member signed her block. Most of the members have since passed away. This quilt was given the name the "Mother Quilt" and it will be on display this year.

Paper Piecing demonstration.

Life is Getting in the Way

I didn't realize that it has been almost a year since I last updated this blog. Oops. Sorry about that. Life has certainly been crazy right now. I haven't really had the time or the creative push to get new inventory items in my shop, so I've decided that until I can get quite a few new items created, my shop is on vacation.

Once my quilt guild's quilt show is over, I will have a lot more time to create items for my Etsy shop. I'm working with creating more items made from recycled books. One is taking old children's books and turning the covers into an e-reader holder. I'm really excited to figure that out.

I will do my best to stay more up-to-date on this blog, but you can always check out Facebook as well as I seem to be on there all the time. Thank you for understanding that I needed a break for a while. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or message me on Etsy. Thank you.